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Randall Cob on limiting QB hits: “That’s more of a question for our offensive line”

It’s no secret that Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson takes too many hits. On Thursday, receiver Randall Cobb made no secret of where the responsibility for that belongs.

Asked by reporters about the role he can take “on and off the field” to help limit the number of hits taken by Watson, Cobb said this: “I think that’s more of a question for our offensive line.”

On one hand, he’s right. On the other hand, damn.

“I do everything I can from a wide receiver standpoint when we have blitz looks to make sure that I’m on point with our [hot routes] and being able to sight adjust when we have those situations,” Cobb added. “I think the more that we can install some quick game into our offense and be able to get the ball out of his hands quick and let some of the playmakers that he has around him be able to make some plays, I think the better we’ll be. We’re continuing to work through that. We’re continuing to try to do the best we can and make plays. I look forward to having another opportunity this Sunday.”

Cobb explained that some of the concepts the offense currently utilizes entail more of a “down-the-field kind of ‘shot’ mentality.” He recognized that this becomes “a little bit harder if we can’t hold up up front to be able to make some of those plays happen down the field.” (In other words, ask the offensive line.)

And so the focus may need to be breaking off short routes when teams blitz, in the hopes go giving Watson a target more quickly, especially when he’s being blitzed.

Whatever they do, something needs to happen to help the Texans break a three-game losing streak to start the season. The good news is that, after facing the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers to start the year (8-1 combined), the Texans get the 0-3 Vikings on Sunday.

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