Our Logo

Christian history has always been rich with symbols that serve to identify and unite believers in their faith. Cornerstone’s logo reflects our connection to this rich symbolic heritage and to countless believers — past, present, and future — with whom we are one in Christ.

Cornerstone logo

The cross of Christ is at the center of our logo, as Christ himself is at the center of our faith and life.

The Chi-Rho represents the first two letters of the Greek word christos, meaning Christ.

The fish was one of the earliest and most recognizable symbols of the Christian faith, since many of Christ’s first disciples were fishermen by trade. Also, the Greek word for fish, ichthus, could be made to stand for the phrase, “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior.”

The letters C and P, standing for Cornerstone Presbyterian, complete the logo and ties us into the great Body of Christ down through the centuries.

Acronym from Cornerstone logo